Women dating teenage boys

18-Jan-2017 00:45

He also told me that he is sixteen and is over the age of consent. Is there anything that I can legally do to stop the sexual relationship or should I just keep a close eye on them both? I understand your concern about your son’s relationship with an adult woman.

While he is technically over the age of consent in your state, there is also a gap provision of three years in your state per the Age of Consent website.

As a teenage boy, of course, I was always fantasising about older women - the matron's assistant, the friend's sexy aunt, the thirty-something waitress who might, just might, at the furthest stretch of my imagination, fancy me. They look at older women and imagine that they are not just different from the girls they know, but way, way different, in some essentially sexual way. I wonder if cougars actually exist or if, like the big, wild cats people sometimes think they see in Surrey, they are largely imaginary.

There's Demi Moore, 46, who looks 35, and is married to the boyish actor Ashton Kutcher. She's 51, toned to the max, and her boyfriend, Jesus Luz, is a 21-year-old Dolce & Gabbana model taking his first steps in the acting world, bless.

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She's a single woman without kids who's dating a divorced dad with a daughter.

Like you, I do wonder why an adult woman would be interested in an intimate, romantic relationship with a teenager and would indeed keep a very close eye on your son and this relationship, regardless of possible legal follow up available.

Your son’s honesty with you about his sexual relationship is encouraging and I would advise you to let him know that you are concerned about this but refrain from any personal “put downs" of this woman so as not to drive him to a more defensive stance.

My son is sixteen and is dating a woman in her twenties.

I asked my son if they ever had been sexual together and he said yes. In fact, The Cougar already exists, on American TV. You should see her - she's 40 and has four children. They do it for fun, like men - simply because they like it. S., starring former Friend Courtney Cox, called Cougar Town. They are predatory, self-sufficient, lean and carnivorous.

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