Updating your hairstyle

18-Mar-2016 05:18

The easiest pieces come already sewn onto clips, ready to be placed anywhere you see fit.I’m not one who cares about sewing, but if you don’t mind a little bit of stitching, you can spend even less on wefts of hair that can be cut and sewn onto clips.The quick and casual updo can be worn on the go with jeans and a T-shirt, but see how Constance Wu, Hailey Baldwin, and Kendall Jenner make the typically low-key ponytail double as a red carpet option.Why bother with curling your whole head when you can literally do a half-assed job?And remember that a short 'do isn't an excuse to hang up your blow dryer.

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"I call it the '1661' — a woman's long hair makes her look 16 from the back, but from the front you see she is actually nearing retirement age," says Pantene celebrity hairstylist Danilo.If your Jean Seberg pixie grew out over the holidays, give your short style a modern take on this rockabilly style.The best part about Kristen Stewart's, Jennifer Hudson's, and Ruby Rose's gelled pompadours? It's wrong to attribute all wispy, It girl bangs to the French when our collective fringe inspo is clearly Jane Birkin.Cropped styles are modern and youthful when they're smooth and sleek; if those qualities don't come naturally to your hair, use a frizz-fighter before styling.3. "You're not wearing the same clothes — why have the same hair?

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" If you're leery of drastic change, take baby steps.Or if you're not quite ready to take such a risk, then speak to your hair stylist about how you can adapt the color trend to suit your skin tone, lifestyle and look. If you're happy with your current shade and only want to enhance it, or brighten it up for a special event, then another one of my hair coloring tips is to try color depositing products- such as shampoos and conditioners.