Updating knob tube wiring yourself Free old men chat rooms

15-Nov-2016 11:22

Deemed perfectly safe at the time, knob and tube especially has fallen out of favor with many home insurance companies.

While still deemed safe, many insurance companies will no longer issue home insurance for any homes which contain knob and tube.

2) in the attic, there are places where the wiring is exposed and looks very brittle. If I were to go up there and put in fiberglas bats for insulation, do I need to take any extra precautions to keep from disturbing the wiring?

I have tried circuit finders and they don't work very well through the lathe and plaster.

Is it safe to run a metal fishtape through a wall that may have 80 year old K&T in it?

Such upgrades have included the replacement of windows, furnace, a/c and the addition of extra insulation to help make a home more heat-efficient.

Electrical upgrades, such as the replacement of knob and tube wiring, and even the replacement of fuse-boxes, IS eligible under our Manitoba Hydro financing plan.

I have an old house, built in 1920, which still has a lot of old "knob and tube" wiring left in certain parts of it.

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