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" data-vibe-show-with-price="Happy Show – ONLY " data-hh-with-price="Happy Show – ONLY " data-last-seen="" data-previewer="/App_Themes/Flash/Previewer/Previewer.swf" data-hh-price="1.48" data-g-id="-1" data-is-pay="False" data-credits-amount="0" data-follow-me-key="FOLLOW_ME" data-is-none-nude="false" / First!Be the first to get it on with the newest mistresses and femdoms that have joined the site.A line from a recent movie goes “the most persistent virus is an idea. Like real life viruses, these scams spread from network to network through friends and acquaintances that fall for them.So if you notice your friends or even your own Facebook account posting weird links to web pages promising a hilarious, shocking or scandalous video, freebies like an i Pad, free Facebook credits or a Subway gift card, chances are your friend’s account or your own account has already been infected.Phishing / Identity Theft This type of scam hijacks your Facebook account by luring you to a webpage having a fake Facebook log-in page or malware that installs a keylogger [a malicious program capable of searching for usernames and passwords in your PC].Upon gaining control of your account, the scammer will then contact your friends and attempt to scam them by pretending that you’re in trouble and you need some money or by posting messages and links that will compromise their accounts in turn.

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