Old mtv dating game show

29-Jan-2016 17:27

When he was cast on the show several months later, he had to answer a questionnaire with queries like "When did you have sex for the first time?" Once he got on set, he was given lines to say on the bus and off — all scripted, he said. She wants a boyfriend who's honest, spontaneous and driven, but she gets stuck with men "obsessed" with her tan, curvy body."When they're after only one thing, it really turns me off," said the 23-year-old Pasadena woman."I want a man to want me for me." Thanks to one of cable's hottest shows, Phillips may have found her match - a snazzily dressed aspiring musician three years her junior.MTV used to be all about the music, but now it's turned into a reality television haven.Back in the day, music videos and Beavis and Butthead reigned supreme."MTV has allowed me to express my own personality," said Mc Carthy, 23, who was picked out of a casting call.The rules of the show, taped in a Burbank studio, are simple: A single gal or guy - simply dubbed a "picker" - sits with his or her back turned to 50 potential dates, all between the ages of 18 and 25 and from as far away as Santa Barbara, Bakersfield and Las Vegas.

I remember when she lost her voice before a concert. My Super Sweet 16 (2005-2007) I loved My Super Sweet 16, especially watching the invitations be handed out to, like, only the cool kids. When there are only eight people left, the lonely heart must reduce them to three, done by asking them to do silly stunts after which they can "keep them" or "dump them".They normally require a bit more talent then the ones on Blind Date."I couldn't get on Blind Date with Cilla so I'm on an Americanised Channel 5 show instead.

Tell me a poem as to why I shouldn't be suicidal..." The three people that are left then have to match minds with the lonely heart. Jackass (2000-2002) I remember hating watching this show, but occasionally watching it anyway — usually when hanging out with boys and trying to be ‘cool.’ I even saw the movie in theaters. Pimp My Ride (2004-2007) Why couldn’t Xzibit ever pimp ride?