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Question: Can a bank charge a check cashing fee to non-customers? The Department issued an August 31, 2001 press release regarding this matter.

Since then, the court ruled that Texas law was not enforceable, therefore, financial institutions are allowed to continue charging a check cashing fee. However, Business and Commerce Code Section 3.506 (b) limits the fee amount to .00 that any non-bank check holder or retailer can charge for a dishonored check.

In Travis County, call the Travis County Attorney's Office Hot Check Division at 512-854-9574 or perform a warrant search on the Travis County Website.

In Williamson County, call the Williamson County Attorney's Office Hot Check Division at 512-943-1138, visit the Williamson County Attorney's Hot Check Division Website for more information.

Payday loans are withdrawn directly from the customer’s checking account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

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Banks are not required by law to cash checks for non-account holders.It is also an offense for a check writer to issue a stop payment order and refuse to will send a postcard to the check writer demanding payment.If there is no response from the check writer within 10 days, we will type the complaint, sign it, and file a criminal case of theft by check or issuance of bad check using the affidavit for warrant of arrest from what you submitted.Each bank sets, by policy, what means of identification they will require before cashing a check.

Some Texas financial institutions may participate in a "thumb-printing" program, that requires non-account holders to apply their thumbprint in clear ink next to their endorsement when cashing a check in a bank where they do not have an account.Additionally, we cannot take further action until the check writer is arrested and the case is placed on the court docket.

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