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18-May-2016 01:36

Women are encountering forms of hostility they weren’t prepared to meet, and are trying to figure out how to balance pride in their accomplishments against their perceived need to bolster the egos of the men they date. YOUNG affluent women say they are learning to advertise their good fortune in a manner very different from their male counterparts.

For men, it is accepted, even desirable, to flaunt their high status. Rather than just tell you what I think, I decided to do some research using Technorati on what other people were saying.

Chatty Latina put it, “We’re not talking about a shy 5-year-old who’s nervous about his first day of kindergarten.

These are GROWN MEN, so why the need to bolster their egos? ” (Some of these guys just seemed like insecure losers, from the way the women described them).

A few weeks later, he mysteriously found the resources to buy a brand new motorcycle. I couldn’t believe he’d canceled our plans, especially when he knew how important they were to me. While riches might not buy happiness, they do buy freedom, and the bottom line is that the person with more freedom has more options.“Money is like an engine, it drives other things,” notes Helga Hayse, author of .

It’s sometimes hard to maintain the lifestyle I’m used to when I’m in a relationship with a guy who makes less than me, since I don’t want to be paying for the guy I’m with all the time.” I basically agree with that.

Money probably destroys relationships more than any issue outside cheating. If one is "keeping " the other it rarely works long term.

That said I firmly believe that in the case of two adult men each must be financially independent.

I'm financially independent and expect partners to be the same.

When it comes to lovers, I don't buy them expensive gifts.

For the first time, women in their 20s who work full time in several American cities — New York, Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis — are earning higher wages than men in the same age range …

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