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In spite of the fact that they are among the world's most lethal weapons, swords spark awe in collectors who respond less to stories about their exploits and more to the sculptural quality of these metal ribbons.Of course, Japanese swords are an esoteric collectible and enthusiasts rarely have an opportunity to examine more than a few at a time.The sections throughout this web site contain some of the Japanese characters required for the translation of Mei (signatures), Nengô (dates) and other inscriptions that can be found on the Nagako of Swords and the Seppa Dai of Tsuba and other Polearms and fittings.On this page you will find information that I hope will help you understand mei and what writings you can expect to find on a japanese sword, You will also find Titles awarded to swordsmiths such as Kami, Daijô etc, numbers needed for translating dates and the characters for day, month and year as well as the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

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These are the qualities that connoisseurs focus on in studying a katana (also called tachi), the longest blade measuring about 30 inches; a wakizashi, the medium-sized blade measuring about 20 inches, and a tanto, the shortest blade measuring about 8 to 12 inches.

For many collectors, the Mei, pronounced "may" or the sword signature, is the very first thing we look for when we are presented with a japanese sword to view.

Although we aspire to move on past this flaw in our study, it is a habit hard to pass by, as we are always looking for the magical kanji of a swordsmith like the legendary Masamune @ or perhaps the famous Shintô Hizen Tadayoshi School g or countless other smiths whose swords we aspire to own.

Rather than issue certificates, the expert providing the authentication would sign his name and other information to the blade, on the unpolished part hidden by the handle when the handle is attached.

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to get the very edge of the blade in focus, but again, working with both the camera and the blade held by hand, it proved to be too challenging.

It is most difficult to feel neutral about Japanese swords - those sculptured arcs of steel with the sharpest cutting blades of virtually any weapon.