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13-Oct-2016 18:53

The Play Station 3, otherwise known as the PS3 or teh best grafix evar, PSTripple or Gaystation 3 is Sony's next-gen game console.

It is notorious for being a gigantic humming slab of expensive bollocks with a price tag not dissimilar to a solid gold house.

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I was asked what my race was, and I chose..then I managed to exit without setting a name, gender...anything else. I'd hate to play the whole game with such a lame name.

If you can find one of those, and have a friend (or know someone online) with the PC version, you could give them the savegame, run the console command, adjust your name, then convert it back to XBox 360.

Meanwhile, the two seem to be getting close as they promote their new album Twenty 88 together.… continue reading »

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