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A method comprising administering to a mammal in need thereof a composition, said composition comprising a therapeutically active amount of racemic norketotifen, racemic 10-hydroxy-ketotifen, racemic 10-hydroxy-norketotifen or an optically active isomer of ketotifen or a compound of Claim 1 , or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof together with one or more drugs of the class consisting of adrenergic antagonists, analgesics, antihypertensive agents, calcium antagonists, antihistamines, anticholinergic agents, antibacterial agents, antiviral agents, anti- inflammatory agents, bronchodilators, decongestants, steroids, leucotriene antagonists, lipoxygenase inhibitors, local anesthetics, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, cough suppressants, and expectorants .

Optically Active Isomers of Ketotifen and Therapeutically Active Metabolites thereof TECHNICAL FIELD This invention relates to methods of treatment of inflammatory and allergic diseases by using nor-ketotifen, 10-hydroxy-ketotifen, 10- hydroxy-norketotifen, or optically active isomers of ketotifen, norketotifen, 10-hydroxy-ketotifen or 10-hydroxy-norketotifen, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts and solvates thereof.

During surgery mean arterial pressure (MAP) is maintained often above 60 mm Hg that is considered to represent the level that secures cerebral autoregulation (Paulson et al., 1990).

On the other hand, during certain types of surgery deliberate reduction of MAP to below 60 mm Hg may be initiated to limit hemorrhage (Martin and Galliano, 1965; Beaussier et al., 2000; Boonmak et al., 2013).

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Valerian flower extracts were used as a perfume in the 16th century.Furthermore, patients with a preoperative r Sc O during surgery but with induction of general anesthesia subsequent reduction in blood pressure may affect regional blood flow and in turn tissue oxygenation (Petrozza, 1990).